Cuffia Epos Sennheiser H3 Gaming Black PS4 PS5 Multi NUOVA SIGILLATA



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All Games. All Platforms.
Created for the gamer that believes good audio critical to their game enjoyment, the EPOS H3 closed acoustic headset delivers an immersive game audio experience with multi -platform plug and play ease of use. A microphone with a flexible lift -to-mute boom arm delivers game chat that is intelligible thr ough the heaviest action. A stainless steel slider in the headband with length indicators provides easy adjustment and hinged ear cups angle to fit any face shape for long wearing comfort.
Lightweight Adjustable Fit​
The EPOS H3 design features a built-in stainless steel slider in the headband. The length indicators and click stops on the slider allow the user to easily find and remember their most comfortable fit. The new design also features hinged ear cups that angle to fit any face shape.
Capture and Transfer Chat Flawlessly​
​ A studio-quality microphone with noise cancellation provides improved control over in-game communication. Lifting the boom arm automatically mutes the microphone.
EPOS Engineered Audio
Engineered to deliver the audio cues needed for faster in-game reactions, high quality audio takes your game enjoyment and performance to the next level. Deep bass extension allows you to experience explosions to the fullest and acoustic clarity delivers crisp chat for in-game strategy discussions.
Explore our best all-round quality gaming headset and take your game to the next level.

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